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Translation company specialising in patents in Liège

Are you looking for a professional translation company in Liège? Trad-All specialises in legal, commercial and technical translations. Furthermore, we specialise in patents.

Technical translations : modes d'emploi, cahiers des charges, notices d'utilisation, brevets
Legal translations: lawyer's conclusions, judgments, legal texts
Business translations: websites, advertising brochures, marketing campaigns
Administrative translations : general conditions, minutes of meetings, etc.


Since 1991, our translation company, a family business, has grown to offer a wide range of languages and sectors. Thanks to our network of native translators who only translate into their mother-tongue, we are able to offer you an impeccable translation service from start to finish.

We translate the following languages into French: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese. Upon request, we can also translate into Turkish, Arabic and Russian etc. Discover all the translation combinations we offer!

Contact us for a personalised quote at a great price!

Patent translations

Experienced, discerning and meticulous, we specialise in translating patents. Several companies and international scientific organisations have already put their faith in us!

Serving our clients
Patent translations

Serving our clients

Always within the agreed timescales, we will adapt to fulfil your request, whatever that may be. With our translation software, specialist documentation, technical dictionaries and translation tools we can translate any type of text, which will always be returned in the format submitted.

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