Language combinations for translations by Trad-All in Liège


The translation company Trad-All in Liège has expanded its expertise with a team of experienced translators who are all native speakers, and who only translate into their mother-tongue.

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Always available, our in-house team takes care of the following translations:

- German to French
- English into French
- Dutch into French
- Spanish into French
- Italian into French

Flexible, our network of international translators allows us to provide the following translations.

- French into German
- French into English
- French into Dutch
- French into Spanish
- French into Italian

Upon demand, we also offer translations in the following language combinations:

- German into English/Dutch
- English into German/Dutch
- Dutch into German/English
- Japanese into English
- French into Portuguese
- French/English into Russian
- Etc.

Within the agreed deadlines, we will provide you with flawless translations down to the last detail, at favourable rates.

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