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Rates and timescales for translations by Trad-All in Liège

Rates and timescales

Always keen to guarantee customer satisfaction, we
pride ourselves in offering relatively short turnaround times for translations. Trad-All translation company in Liège always offers you the most favourable package.

According to the volume of text to be translated, the sector, the language combination and the work in progress, we will offer you our best possible deadline, which we will of course stick to, to the letter.

Trad-All translation company’s rates are worked out for each client according to the specific project. Furthermore, we offer an express rate for very urgent translations at the weekend and/or overnight.

Generally, Trad-All’s rates are between 0.62 and 1 euro (excl. VAT) per 60-character line of the target text. We can also calculate your invoice per word. We offer a proofreading and correction service for previously translated texts.

Contact us for a detailed, full and personalised quote. We will offer you the best rate for a good-quality translation.

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